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What You Have Tamed: wildness should not be tamed for mans pleasure.
Posted by alilee, Apr 23, 2012. 1243 views. ID = 5560

What You Have Tamed

Posted by alilee, Apr 23, 2012. 1243 views. ID = 5560
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To tame out the wildness is not a right
way for humans to act every time
entertaining the public by the sight
of tricks taught to dolphins or whales

Or mighty tigers confined in a zoo
in too small cages where people can gawp
and small children make faces or coo
while these majestic creatures imprisoned

pace up and down and back and fro again
instead of running free in their habitat
Men untaming fierce dogs to bite and maim
could be guilty of as bad a crime

and those who abandon pets in their care
who give love and affection and trust
in taming an animal we should share
our humankind responsibility.

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