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Of Quills and Quarrels Part 3: a continuation of the story
Posted by Sylavash, Feb 5, 2008. 1795 views. ID = 556

Of Quills and Quarrels Part 3

Posted by Sylavash, Feb 5, 2008. 1795 views. ID = 556
This post was written in 5 minutes.
we start to find out what is going on in here, and maybe a bit more mistery
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This post is Part 3 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels.

Crossbow in hand Elric turned back to the door. Slowly he opened the lever and pushed the door open, and instantly spun outside and evaluated the situation. Dodging out into the paddock Elric spied the grounds the door led out into a small enclosed paddock. There were two areas the first was a small blacksmith area made to shoe horses, mend old tools and create new. The second was a small corral with a single small pony, scrawny and gaunt. In the smithing area there were two goblins there was a third goblin in the pasture area and a forth and fifth guarding another door.

Elric dodged into the paddock aimed for the first unaware goblin with his crossbow. Taking a direct hit into the side, the goblin stumbled backwards into the second. Quickly moving through the door and into the fray Jade attacked with her quarter staff onto the goblin in the head falling him unconscious. The second goblin realizing the situation turned to attack Jade just barely blocked by the quarter staff.

Watching the fray breakout the forth goblin moves toward the pony in the pasture, Spooking the pony into rearing barely missing the goblin. One of the goblins by the door, moved into the fray, moving as to close and lock the door from which the prisoners were emerging. The last goblin seeing the turmoil of the courtyard makes a run for the gate to the pasture.

Helping the dwarf out into the open, Saltar props him against the wall and hurries to catch the escaping goblin, not noticing the goblin now hidden behind the door.

Elric pulls out his rapier and attacks the second guy, with a quick slashing motion, severely wounding his left arm. Quickly Jade followed up the attack with a hit across his forehead, knocking him unconscious but not dealing a fatal blow. By this time, Saltar caught up with goblin fumbling with the gate trying to escape. Dealing a surprise attack on the fleeing goblin with a smooth motion of his Heavy mace instantly knocks the goblin out, for good. A goblin emerges from behind the door attempting to attack the injured dwarf, pulling out a morning star and makes for a surprise attack, but narrowly misjudged the dwarf’s position. Given the narrow miss, the dwarf quickly knocks the goblin flat dropping his war axe on the goblins head.

The final goblin having finally calmed the small pony climbs on his back although he is still trapped within the small-enclosed pasture. Unused to being ridden the pony goes only a few feet then begins to buck and rear knocking the goblin to the ground, and breaking his arm in the process. Unable to escape any more, and having hurt his weapon arm, the goblin surrenders, to the approaching Saltar.

Finding rope amidst the smithing items Elric ties the two unconscious goblins together. Then runs to see what was being guarded by the second door he approaches cautiously. Saltar being none too kind to the now captive goblin picks him up by the nape of the neck and takes him over to the smithing area to tie him up. Jade meanwhile helps the dwarf over to one of the benches.

Saltar throws the goblin to the ground in front of an anvil. “Speak, what is in the other door?” he questions.

“Treasure” the goblin stutters in broken common, “ransoms from the others”

“Ransoms? From the others?” Saltar queried again.

“The other people that were kidnapped” stammered the goblin, “like you, the child of royal blood, and well-to-do families.”

While Saltar questioned the goblin Jade aided the Dwarf, “now that we are somewhat safe for the moment,” Jade explained quietly, “Let’s see if I can help your leg” Slowly and carefully laying her hands gently on the dwarf's ankle Jade channeled energy and used it to heal the dwarf.

“Thank you my dear” the dwarf said slowly moving his foot “feels much better now, by the way I am Matthias Rolf Swordsteel” He said taking her hand “I am pleased to meet you Miss Wolf” he whispered

“It is Jade now Mr. Swordsteel,” Jade whispered, “since you have certain knowledge I hope you know that I no longer have any ties to that name.” Jade quietly rebuked.

“It’s a shame…” Matthias sighed, “I am glad to meet you Jade” He continued whispers forgotten, “Saltar, tie up the goblin and let’s check out the cave of treasures.”

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
This post is Part 3 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels. The next part of this series can be found here: Of Quills and Quarrels Part 4.


Feb 5, 2008
Matthias. *raises his eyebrow*
   ~Posted by Mathax, Feb 5, 2008

Feb 9, 2008
*Wonders when the next part of this is coming*
   ~Posted by Mathax, Feb 9, 2008

Feb 24, 2008
*Wonders when the next part of this is coming*
   ~Posted by Mathax, Feb 24, 2008

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