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Rest Easy: a reverse lullaby
Posted by lady di, Apr 6, 2012. 1155 views. ID = 5525

Rest Easy

Posted by lady di, Apr 6, 2012. 1155 views. ID = 5525
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for all babies, born and unborn
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Inviting coziness -
Of the bed,
indented ever so slightly
by your tiny form
only moments ago.
Calming effects -
Of the space
perfumed in gentle wisps
by your very own smell
after suckling.
Enveloping warmth -
Of my shirt
dampened in spots
by your spittled kisses
when snuggling close.
Hypnotic rythym
Of your lips
graced delicately
by your melodic clicks
during dream journey.

This is your
to me...

Your ritual
quiet "night-night";
messages heard and
completely understood
by me alone.

unbeknownst to you,
from the depths
of your miraculous
little soul.

A sweet
and unspoken,
yet clear
and welcome,
soft infant-sung
that all is well.

It is His watch now.
You are in His loving care.
I can let go
of my instictive
worries and concerns
for a few
replenishing hours.

For my prayers have been
answered though you
once again...
And you have
lulled me to sleep
once more.

But, I reserve the right
to keep you always
within full view
behind my daytime eyes -
my shining nightly star,
the essence of all
my moonlit story-scapes.

Thank you
my darling baby
so dear!

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 3 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Rock-a-Bye Baby


Apr 6, 2012
love this,its very evocative
   ~Posted by alilee, Apr 6, 2012

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