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lifes trail: A sestina poem
Posted by alilee, Mar 17, 2012. 670 views. ID = 5459

lifes trail

Posted by alilee, Mar 17, 2012. 670 views. ID = 5459
This post was written in 60 minutes.
The sestina is a fascinating poetry form

Wandering slowly along the old trail
enjoying the peace as I walked along
On a bank of green grass I spied daisies
white and gold heads in the summer sunlight
light and bright causing no dancing shadows
unlike the gentle violets beneath the old oak.

For a moment I stood still 'neath the Oak
in wonder at the sights along the trail
the light seemed over bright viewed from shadows
in the pause from jouneying along
my eyes saw dazzling in yellow sunlight
like angels white and gold,the heads of daisies

Such simple flowers, the carpeting daisies
when viewed from underneath the oak
a magical illusion in sunlight
worth travelling along the dusty trail
a sight not often seen when going along
eyes blinded by a mind deep in shadows

Our eyes are ofttimes shuttered by shadows
no time to see the delights of daisies
as on lifes journey we traverse along
never pausing awhile under the oak
as through our lives we slowly trudge and trail
missing countless delights of the sunlight

Our lives should be more filled with sunlight
though aware others live in the shadows
we should help them along the long trail
to help others see simple joys like the daisies
as they pause underneath the great oak
to reflect as they're journeying along

Time to reflect whilst travelling along
can fill our hearts and minds with strong sunlight
our roots growing strong like the mighty oak
our heads reaching high out of shadows
our hearts finding time to notice daisies
finding love and beauty on lifes hard trail

along we travel out of shadows
in bright sunlight seeing daisies
our strong oak guiding us on lifes trail.

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