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working mother: poem
Posted by alilee, Feb 17, 2012. 1013 views. ID = 5408

working mother

Posted by alilee, Feb 17, 2012. 1013 views. ID = 5408
This post was written in 25 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: forward-looking, overriding, veterinary, vote, trustful, nanny, mushy, sunbathe, white wine, intelligently

a forward looking mother you could say,
so trustful of my nanny,Annie -May.
She acts intelligently on the whole
while I am busy working in my role
as veterinary surgeon in the town.
home early I discover with a frown
Annie-May with white wine in her hand
halfway dozing to sunbathe in the sand
she was eating a very mushy pear.
I could not see my daughter anywhere.
my overriding feeling was dismay
my vote was to dismiss her straight away.
She then swiftly reminded me anew,
that Jane was with her aunty at the Zoo!

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