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The Discovered Musical Talent Next Door: I always wondered how those composers could write all that music.
Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Jan 30, 2008. 1923 views. ID = 539

The Discovered Musical Talent Next Door

Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Jan 30, 2008. 1923 views. ID = 539
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Wolfgang rubbed his head. He was trying to cover the blank paper in front of him with something, anything, but his mind was empty, and it didn't help that he had a headache from all the clanging next door. Suddenly, he heard a faint tap, and the painful noise aligned into music. A broad piano line started, and the plaintive wail of a violin over that. Amazed, he stood and went to the door. Opening it, he slipped through and took a seat to watch the performance. On and on it stretched, until finally the last note faded. Wolfgang clapped enthusiastically, then spoke.

'That was brilliant! Who wrote it? And how did you learn it?' he queried, having noticed they didn't use sheet music. The boy who had played the piano looked over his shoulder.

'I wrote it. But it doesn't matter. I won't be able to remember all of it tomorrow, and I'll have to start over.'
'Hmm. I think I can fix that.' Wolfgang muttered slyly. 'What's your name?'
'Johnny,' came the reply.

Next month a new symphony appeared in the public, the same one Wolfgang had heard in that room. At the top was the composer's name, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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This post has been awarded 25 stars by 6 readers.
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Josiah T.
Jan 30, 2008
Haha!! That's great!! And to think I just spent a whole semester learning about how great Mozart and Beethoven were... :-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Jan 30, 2008

Jan 30, 2008
Nice! :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Jan 30, 2008

Kenzie Fell Down
Jan 31, 2008
Well, thanks.
   ~Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Jan 31, 2008

Feb 13, 2008
A Plagiarism plot! I like it.
   ~Posted by Trent, Feb 13, 2008

Kenzie Fell Down
Feb 13, 2008

   ~Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Feb 13, 2008

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