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Close Call: A Tale of Suspected Peril
Posted by AlmanME, Jan 13, 2012. 1524 views. ID = 5281

Close Call

Posted by AlmanME, Jan 13, 2012. 1524 views. ID = 5281
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A real life event from today
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I noticed them almost immediately. Lurking was not the word I first thought of as they stood off to the side. Not even sure they are together.
Suddenly realizing the one had moved somewhat closer tugged at my suspicions. Is he just going about his business or is he up to something? When I next look up he has made his way much closer now. Perhaps he is sizing me up. Does he think he can take me? Now I realize the shadow they are keeping themselves in. Lurking?

Where before I only spared them passing glances, I now find myself preoccupied with their movements. The one is close now. The other one hangs back. Is he an innocent bystander or back-up for my stalker.

He is close now, peering down at me. Is that hunger in his eyes? I am now very suspicious and uneasy. I quickly finish the task at hand and get out of there.

As I look back, he has casually returned to the corner where I first spotted him.
I wonder, did I just have a close call, or was the whole affair just an innocent passing of two creatures, each intent on their own business.
Somehow I feel we'll meet again.
Until tomorrow's shower, ceiling spiders.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 4 readers.


du courage
Aug 15, 2012
Loved the story. The unexpected end made me smile. These kind of events happen every day. It's the art of looking at them from a different perspective that makes them into a special story.
   ~Posted by du courage, Aug 15, 2012

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