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One Day at a Time: For want of a good neighbor
Posted by bluewriter, Dec 11, 2011. 1264 views. ID = 5241

One Day at a Time

Posted by bluewriter, Dec 11, 2011. 1264 views. ID = 5241
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I grab my cup of coffee, hot from the pot, my opium of choice for the morning, and head out toward the back porch and my padded swing, sink into the deep ruby red cushion, and kick back gently. The swing sets to a slow sway and I enjoy the cool spring morning, the sun that creeps high toward the tops of flowering trees. The madly talking birds move among the low branches in the back yard and around the bird feeder my husband Jack built two years ago for me for Christmas.
Movement catches the attention of my eyes and I glance knowingly to my right. She stands tall, rigid, framed in the window of the breakfast nook. I'm not certain why she has a table there. I've never seen her eat at it. It's always set as if a person could plop right down. But no one does. I understand the look in her eyes. I've seen it before. It's severe. The look of a prude who wouldn't understand fun if it bit her in the rear. I raise my glass in acknowledgement. She doesn't acknowledge my wave. She never has.
We've been neighbors for five years now. The only contact we've had in all that time is the three times she's called the police on my kids and our dog for stepping onto her property. My kids aren't the only unlucky ones to have raised her ire. But they get the most fuss from her since we live right next door.
I watch her gaze. I know where it is directed. To the single shingle that hangs from the edge of my roof. It's held its own for about three months now, precariously wedged under another, held to the roof by grit and determination. I smile to myself. I've withstood her annoyed gaze for three months now.
I smile again and take a sip, enjoy my coffee and her annoyance.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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