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Preparations: An Impending Arrival Mobilizes Cleaning
Posted by AlmanME, Dec 5, 2011. 4342 views. ID = 5213


Posted by AlmanME, Dec 5, 2011. 4342 views. ID = 5213
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Now when did that cobweb get spun?! The sudden awareness of an impending arrival made the house look much more decayed than it had just days before. What had been minor clutter was suddenly 'mess!' Has this floor been vacuumed!?

I look longingly out the window to admire the beautiful day. I would rather be outside than inside cleaning. If only I could go out and enjo.... Man! this windows need to be washed! Outside activities are postponed until further notice.

Cleaning takes its toll on my dignity. Now I'm lying on my belly, looking under tables, stoves, couches, dressers. First the yardstick, then the vacuum. So that's where that went! Lost that months ago.

Of course, while our anticipated visitor is very important, they are unlikely to be much of a critic of our housekeeping, at least right away. Still, we find ourselves in a frenzy of cleaning, organizing, rearranging. I'm sure our guest will not say one word of praise or condemnation for the state of our humble abode, but still it will be vital that we finish this great task of preparation.

At least we have a little time, although we know it will pass by very quickly. Our new guest has at least given us about nine months of warning.

I'd love to tell you more, but there are dust bunnies to vanquish!

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This post has been awarded 26 stars by 8 readers.
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Dec 5, 2011
Nice. And...congratulations, btw. Saw the news on facebook, so I knew where this was headed, but otherwise would have been a nice "surprise" ending.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Dec 5, 2011

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