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Faded Phases for Sale: A husband's perplexed situation
Posted by bluewriter, Nov 25, 2011. 1142 views. ID = 5187

Faded Phases for Sale

Posted by bluewriter, Nov 25, 2011. 1142 views. ID = 5187
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George worked, sorting over the heaping tables his wife had set up for him to look after. Although it was only seven in the morning, he felt himself tiring. Lucy had had him up since four in the morning, making preparations for early arrivals to the garage sale. Piles of used clothes, blankets, toys, books and odds and ends decorated the area in a festive array of faded color.
His wife sipped coffee, moved among prospective customers and prompted direction among the cluttered piles of the garage sale. George spied a supply of paints, brushes and the easel he'd bought for Lucy; her fine arts phase. It had lasted longer than her rugged outdoorsy phase which had been all of two weeks and three trips to a local stable. Lucy had complained of the smell, the noise of the animals. It had ended abruptly when her horse Jasmine had stepped on Lucy's foot.
The fine arts painting phase had lasted about a month. George had paid for a six month class session. Lucy had found herself tiring after the teacher had informed her that painting in class wasn't enough if she wanted her talent to improve. Lucy had thought him impudent and hadn't gone back.
There was the trumpet lying in the corner from her music phase. It had lasted one week, after she spent two weeks buying all the equipment she needed to perform her masterpieces.
Now, hearing her talk to the people, George heard her mention the words karate and self defense and groaned. He sensed more garage sales in his future.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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