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Give Thanks: The Little One's
Posted by bluewriter, Nov 24, 2011. 754 views. ID = 5186

Give Thanks

Posted by bluewriter, Nov 24, 2011. 754 views. ID = 5186
This post was written in 15 minutes.
The prompt reminded me of valued moments, however small, that we sometimes take for granted.
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What a day to write about being thankful. I had a houseful of thankfulness, though the ones that were the dearest to me were my two nephews and my niece. I spent more time with my niece Sarah. With two brothers who spend a lot of time together, there are times she feels left out, having to play by herself.
We walked out back behind the house, hand in hand, to the barn and the fence from where my horse Comfort has been calling. Sarah jumps at the chance to help me 'feed up'. Actually, she jumps at any chance to ride on the back of my horse. At five, she already knows how to grip tight with her knees and grab mane when riding bareback. I watch her hesitation as Comfort sticks her head over the gate and sniffs at her. Sarah pulls back for a moment before following my motions and blowing on Comfort's nose in greeting.
We unlock the gate, listen to the squeal as it swings open and slip in. Sarah has her moment of just sitting on comfort's back today. My horse is hungry and I go ahead and dump her feed in the bucket, while watching Sarah lean forward and give Comfort a hug, inhaling her big horse scent.
The dusk grows around us, pulling the dark in. From the house comes the noise of laughter and the talking of family. My niece and I stand with Comfort in the all but dark of growing night and the silence except for the sound of Comfort enjoying her Thanksgiving meal.
I'm thankful for the moment. Thankful for the time spent with loved ones; even the little ones.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Give Thanks

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