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Monday: Monday disappeared
Posted by AlmanME, Oct 30, 2011. 1337 views. ID = 5119


Posted by AlmanME, Oct 30, 2011. 1337 views. ID = 5119
This post was written in 4 minutes.
Another poem I wrote as a teen. Liked to have fun with words and ideas.

Monday disappeared this week
I'm very sad to say.
They left it on the calendar
and now it's gone away.

So now I fear tomorrow's come
and it will soon be here;
For now it's Sunday evening
and midnight's very near.

So now you know my problem;
My deep and frightful fear.
What happens when tomorrow comes
and Monday isn't here?

I check the clock upon the wall.
It's forty-five past ten.
Just over an hour to midnight.
Oh what will happen then?

My fear now mounts as seconds tick.
Will there be an awful row?
According to my wall clock
it should be Monday....

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