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Posted by katiedarling-, Sep 11, 2011. 805 views. ID = 4868 you. <3

Posted by katiedarling-, Sep 11, 2011. 805 views. ID = 4868
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I feel you dancing through my veins as if the beat of my heart is the rhythm to the music playing inside your head. 
I hear your laugh echoing in my ears, bouncing off my eardrums and into the empty air surrounding me. 
You are in my fingertips, stuck between each crevice that make up their prints. 
I see bits of you wherever I go doing whatever it is that I do. 
I feel the walls of my heart crashing down, as you enter and begin stitching up all the wounds from my past, left open, and sore.
You are weaving throughout each thought that passes by the most frontal part of my mind. 
You are in my bones, turning the marrow to jello, making me weak at the knees and soft around the edges. 
Your heart is my home, I find comfort there, burrowing deep in your blankets of love. 
But you are too far away, and I cannot find your heart or your endless blankets, so soft to the touch and so warm when they wrap around me in an embrace. 
Please come closer to me, come find me. 
Take me away from here, I want so badly to run away somewhere with you. 
If only for just a day, a day full of adventure and discovery as we explore the very depths of each others being, and each others soul.
I want to hold your hand, one of the simplest forms of affection, but through just that, I will learn so much. 
I want to kiss your pale pink, rose petal lips, and connect to you in a way that no one else has. 
I want to have so many connections with you that I get tangled and lost in their web. 
I love you, my dear, already and it feels to soon to be falling. 
But I'm falling, in slow motion it seems, and every time I think about you, or see you, I get closer and closer to the ground. 
And I learn more and more, and I notice the smallest details of you, and I feel like I will always notice new things. 
I like noticing those details, because I know that someday the inevitable will approach me, and send you away. 
I don't want that to happen, my dear, and I hope it won't for a while, but one day it shall come, a heavy shadow, and tell you to leave. 
I know it, but for now, let's just reminisce in the moments we share together.

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