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Accept Me: There are certain things you have to accept.
Posted by Jamocha, Sep 7, 2011. 694 views. ID = 4835

Accept Me

Posted by Jamocha, Sep 7, 2011. 694 views. ID = 4835
This post was written in 16 minutes.
For this weeks's writing prompt. I tried to write in a different perspective, but I often have trouble thinking in that perspective.

I frustrate people pretty often.

I can't exactly determine why that is. I don't do much to them, if anything I help them out, make people stronger, I help them get their work done. And work does have to be done, right? If all I ever do is attempt to assist in the daily work of the lives of people, I don't understand why they seem to misunderstand me.

When I say I help get work done, maybe I'm lying. Kinda. Sorta. It depends on the way people accept my help; sometimes they seem to misinterpret what I have to offer, and take authority or lack of authority at the wrong times in the wrong places for the wrong reasons. That frustrates ME. Like I said, all I try to do is help, I present myself when needed, see if people need a hand, and when they do they often twist my purpose into something they consider is their own.

Sometimes people even refuse to accept me. Sometimes they just shun me and turn them away, and SOMETIMES, it's even before taking a second look at me. Or a first look for that matter. They get mad at the very idea of my presence. It's appalling.

But when I think about, I think maybe what the problem is, is that I make people have to inflict with one another. I try to engage them to communicate, share their thoughts, and do what they have to do with one another to get things done, but I realize how much it seems people seem to want to have nothing to do with one another. Especailly if they have the "best ideas," they're their own island, their own biggest fan.

But here's my perspective.

As far as I'm concerned, my one purpose is to get people to put their heads together. My purpose is to get people to shake hands, to say they agree, or heck, to say they disagree but do it in a way that's--eh--agreeable. Yeah, that's the ticket.

All I want is for people to accept me. To do that, all you have to do is open your mind to a wider scale that is more than your own. You have to think about other people, you have to think about other people's THOUGHTS, you have to think LIKE other people, think WITH other people.

Sometimes other people are scary, I know, I know.

But no matter what, it usually doesn't last the whole day long or your life long, for that matter. I'm just temporary. I just show up for a little while to help you get things done. That's all. Sometimes I swing back around when needed, but in any event, I need to be accepted, because I DO go around.

A lot.

Sometimes the two people or the three people or how ever many people there are get mad at each other, because the other person screws up. Or they think they screwed up. Whatever. But I would like to just put it out there, just remind people, that I'm supposed to convey the oppisite idea. When you meet me, you're supposed have that open mind I mentioned earlier. Maybe one person DID screw up, but the worst thing you can do is delay and freak out.

I talk too much. I just ask, please accept me. That's all I want. Acceptance.

Oh, and I forgot to give you my name. It's Teamwork.

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