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Back to School: just some thoughts
Posted by candice austin, Sep 3, 2011. 820 views. ID = 4824

Back to School

Posted by candice austin, Sep 3, 2011. 820 views. ID = 4824
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expressing my inner thoughts about my grattiude

Well, coming from the perspective of a parent who has been out of her childrens lives for six years due to an imprisonment, everything is magnified ten times. I felt very out of the loop and behind in the fashion of everything. The technology has increased so now the lingo is all about texting ,as we shop. This used to be a time of sharing and caring about the thrill of going back to school. Now a days the whole time we shopped I noticed that my daughter was multi tasking. This was quite impressive. I was amazed at how she knew what she wanted with out paying any attention to what she would come to buy. She knew everything she wanted. The whole while she texted! Overall, I am very thrilled to be apart of the events that will take place and even to know that I will be there for her to be successful. I also have a son who will be a senior to and I am very happy for him to be able to go to high school and to be apart of the educational system which will take him to the next level in life. I think the funnest part of going back to school is to see the joy on my childrens faces as the experience every feeling and thought that goes through their minds and to be there to listen and guide them through this journey we call the education system. I never got to graduate so I am very excited to be here for this part of their lives. I unfortunately graduated from the school of hard knocks! or should I say hard locks! Either way it goes God has blessed me with freedom to help them through the most important part of their lives ! Thank God I am free!

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