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Dreams, Part II: working it out...
Posted by candice austin, Aug 27, 2011. 847 views. ID = 4812

Dreams, Part II

Posted by candice austin, Aug 27, 2011. 847 views. ID = 4812
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i find that writng out my dreams is the best way for me to figure out what is going on within my soul...

i was in this building and was waiting to eat. i new all the people there but there was something strange about this place. it never ended and i was tired of being there. i was in my apartment with lexas and there was a huge mouse looking her in the face . it scared me and i knew my fears were right in front of me. i also knew that this was only temporary. i knew that i would not have to deal with this problem of rodents in my life once i moved.

wow... how evident my dreams are. my life experiences mirror themselves deep in my unconscious, my eyes are opened like windows and images blow through like the wind reflecting the condition of my soul... the interesting metaphor is rodents, the only rodents i have in my life are the problems i face. like rodents there is pest control... ha ha , and all i need to do is exterminate the problems and maintain a clean environment within my self...

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