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Trying: Just my thoughts towards myself, I guess
Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 20, 2011. 774 views. ID = 4801


Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 20, 2011. 774 views. ID = 4801
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I’m trying to smile. I’m trying to be happy. I’m trying to focus on bettering myself, and others at the same time. I’m trying to balance myself, I don’t want to keep falling and hurting myself, allowing the pain to envelope me, and send me down to the very depths of my own personal hell. I’m trying to be okay, and sometimes I need help. I’m trying my very best, and thats really something, when it comes to me. Thinking back on how I used to be, it’s noticeable, the change within myself. I’m still far from perfect, god, I’ll never be perfect. But I’m trying. And trying is the best I can do.

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