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It was just a dream: To a former love of mine, who is now my best friend.
Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 16, 2011. 1371 views. ID = 4791

It was just a dream

Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 16, 2011. 1371 views. ID = 4791
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There you were, showing up in my dreams again. 
Ever since four days ago, I swear it's like you know you're in my head. 
Did you know that when someone shows up in your dreams, it means they miss you? 
It's true, a proven psychological fact. 
So anyway, as I was saying, there you were in my dream. 
You were sitting up on my bed against the wall and my head was on your lap. 
You were playing with my hair and murmuring sweet nothings to me in that calm, reassuring voice of yours, as I fell asleep. 
And somehow, I managed to sleep until my alarm went off and you said "katie, love it's time to get up". 
But I didn't want to just yet. 
I wanted you to stay right there forever. 
So you rolled over, and pressed your whole body up against my side,--your breasts, thighs, stomach,-- and breathed, "I know its hard, but you've got to get up"
As soon as the cool breath left your lips, and hit my ear, my eyes opened wide, and stared directly at your parted lips. 
And in that moment, I became ravenous, I needed your lips on mine and I needed them now. 
And so, well I did the unthinkable pretty much. 
I leaned in and kissed you, again and again and again. 
And in my dream it was okay. 
But now that I'm awake, I know that it probably wouldn't be. 
And I know that you wouldn't let it happen. 
And I should just act like it didn't even happen, because it was just a dream. 

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