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Hazy eyed skies: Just thinking of you, abby jane
Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 13, 2011. 806 views. ID = 4784

Hazy eyed skies

Posted by katiedarling-, Aug 13, 2011. 806 views. ID = 4784
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I looked up at the sky today
And it was hazy eyed like me 
When I'm high
Up on cloud nine
Just thinking of you.  
Oh lover when I think of you, 
My heart does the craziest things.
Crazy is how I feel when I'm with you. 
You brought me a stretch of luck, 
Like a four leafed clover. 
You are my four leafed clover. 
Oh lover, my lover, I hope that my time with you is never over, 
Please tell me you'll be my warm cover forever. 
Forever is how I want to spend my time with you. 
With you I never feel blue, 
I always feel so alive,
So high like the sky above me. 
I feel like the sky I'm looking at right now, 
When I'm with you. 
The sparkle in your eyes make me want to laugh, 
Giddy with happiness and glee. 
Oh jeez, my heart is swelling up, 
I am so happy, 
Just thinking of you. 
Just thinking of you. 

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