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Optimistic: Just another poem
Posted by DiAnne, Jul 26, 2011. 724 views. ID = 4742


Posted by DiAnne, Jul 26, 2011. 724 views. ID = 4742
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As a teenager I hear adults all the time saying how awful the future is going to be and they seem to have no positive outlook on life which is extremely frustrating to me. I wrote this poem because I believe there is always good in people and because I think all the negative adults in my life needed to hear it.

They say the world will go to Hell
I really don’t agree
But if that’s where they plan to go
That’s really fine by me

I don’t need their dreadful stories
To dampen all my dreams
They’re convinced the world is evil
But it’s not as it seems

If they would look around they’d see
Good people everywhere
Who hold the doors and share their wealth
And compliment your hair

Good people stand for their beliefs
But when they are put down
You focus on the negative
And in despair you drown

Look at all the good in people
Have hope for those who’ll come
Don’t discourage our ambitions
Success will come from some

This world won’t really go to Hell
We don’t agree with you
We’ll prove you wrong, just wait and see
And you’ll be glad we do.~

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