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Grab Bag Woes: words i used to describe internal conflict
Posted by candice austin, Jul 22, 2011. 764 views. ID = 4734

Grab Bag Woes

Posted by candice austin, Jul 22, 2011. 764 views. ID = 4734
This post was written in 24 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: clad, fork, recondition, breaking point, sweater, gratify, stagnant, edgy, lyric, handout

there was a fork in the road i walked on that day ,
i took the right one and it led me on my way,
iron clad and full of woe ,
i decided i needed to go,
the breaking point was deep,deep inside,
there was something amiss a need to gratify,
the stagnant past seemed to hang like an old sweater,
the handout wasn't really out of compassioin,
it was out of lyric expression,
edgy and full of compromise my thoughts were then,
my spirit would begin to sing again,
for this is my strength and my eternal song,
to recondition and render my wrong....

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