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Independence, Part I: quick journal of my 4th of july
Posted by candice austin, Jul 5, 2011. 902 views. ID = 4714

Independence, Part I

Posted by candice austin, Jul 5, 2011. 902 views. ID = 4714
This post was written in 10 minutes.
i was locked up for six years and was able to see the fireworks they were very pretty and i wanted to convey that

eyes seen emotions bursting in the sky
the colors of the rainbow exploded
right before my eyes
e-motions moved me inside my soul
i was overjoyed , i was mystifyied,wonder and
amazement filled my soul
a child like wonder i realized i had
prison bars kept me inside for six long years
fireworks set me free to feel the many emotions
god has filled me with i was set free from the inside of me
i was independant of alot of things
i watched the water and the reflections of bursting
lights off the sky i was surrounded by hundreds of people
who would never know that here i sat independant of the
prison bars that kept me from my freedom now here from no where
usa,doc,all these initials meant nothing to me
the fireworks in the dark blue sky made me free to actually feel freedoms bell
ringing dep down in the heart of me

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