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Ask me: Poem on all the things we keep inside.
Posted by Adrecka, Apr 22, 2011. 872 views. ID = 4567

Ask me

Posted by Adrecka, Apr 22, 2011. 872 views. ID = 4567
This post was written in 8 minutes.
What we hide, Why we hide it, there can be so many different things so many reasons, these are just mine.

Ask me if I'm okay
Ask me if I'm in pain
Ask me why my eyes are red
And I will tell you the same thing

Its not that I dont trust you
Its not that you cant help
Its just that I dont want to burden you
With the things I'm going through

I'm saving you the heartache
I'm saving you the tears
I'm saving you from seeing me
So differently

I hide it from you
I hide it from everyone
I hide it so that I can maybe
Forget it someday.

I couldnt explain what it is
That pulls out all my tears
I couldnt explain that empty feeling
That makes pain so apealing.

I dont want to hurt you
By telling you these things
I dont want to make you cry
When you see the scars Iv made

So go ahead and ask me because
I love it that you care
But dont expect an answer
Because to tell the truth, I wouldnt dare.

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