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Hurt.: Life of a average teenager.
Posted by Adrecka, Apr 22, 2011. 868 views. ID = 4566


Posted by Adrecka, Apr 22, 2011. 868 views. ID = 4566
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You may think your friends are happy, but take a closer look because half the time you wont even see when they are hurting. We are all to good at hidding how we feel, from everyone. Its not that we dont trust you, its that we love you so much we dont want to burden you with this information...
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She took a deep breathe and forced herself to hold back her tears. She could get through today, she could get through right now. Theres to many people around, to many questions would be asked. Her best friend looks at her with a worryed expression but she just throws on a fake smile and he gives her a weak one back. He doesnt believe she is okay. He would be right.
She saves up all her tears, all her hurt, until night when she cries her self to sleep. In her room, alone, in the dark no one can see her. She doesnt want them to see her weak, to see who she really is. She hates who she is, and what she does. But when all she can feel is this deep sense of emtpyness, she focuses on the pain. The cold steel on her arm brings red tears. She hurts on the inside because of everyone else, but she hurts on the outside only because of herself. Is it right? No. Is it normal? No. Does it help? She couldn't say.
No one knows. She carefully hides all her scars, emtionally, physically. She cant say why she feels this way so she doesnt say anything at all. Sometimes she wonders who would miss her if she left, but her courage fails her when it comes to finding the answer. If you asked her how she was she would say fine. But she means that she is dieing inside.

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This post has been awarded 1 star by 1 reader.

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