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Give It Up!: Bad sugar, bad.
Posted by vessels, Mar 29, 2011. 1630 views. ID = 4470

Give It Up!

Posted by vessels, Mar 29, 2011. 1630 views. ID = 4470
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I chose to give up all sweets a few weeks before Thanksgiving a few years ago. My love for sweets is a weakness that I still struggle with everyday. For about six weeks I did not eat doughnuts, chocolate, ice cream, cakes or pies. I also chose to forgo white sugar and instead proceeded with various types of sugar substitutes. In my eagerness to be overall healthy I began taking aerobic and conditioning class at the gym During this frame of time I successfully maintained a sugar free diet and I persisted with my fitness program. Noticeable changes in my weight and in my energy level began to happen, almost immediately. It was a challenge, but I did lose weight and I felt a lot better overall. My mental clarity was amazing during that time! Unfortunately I had a few set backs and everything that I'd work so hard to achieve was out the window. Sad but true, I resumed my sugary treats and fatty food regime. It is taking me much longer this time around to turn around this pattern of unhealthy eating and rekindle my devotion to healthy lifestyle. I will persist no matter what however.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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