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meat and nicotine: vices and church
Posted by MarkHudson, Mar 27, 2011. 869 views. ID = 4462

meat and nicotine

Posted by MarkHudson, Mar 27, 2011. 869 views. ID = 4462
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easter is a time to give up things for the Lord. but I'm an imperfect human, but my god is perfect. i can't try to be something I'm not. i just have to love Jesus.
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I'm, in Florida for Spring break, and i'm visiting my parents. Today I went to church with my family in Florida, and the pastor told a story. " There once was a lutheran, who would eat meat on Friday in his backyard. his Catholic neighbors were upset. They brought him to catholic church, and he decided to convert. So they brought him to church, and the catholic priest said, " THe old you is gone, now you are a fish for Christ." but the catholic neighbors were shocked when they found the recent converter still barbequeing meat on Fridays! So they called the priest. the priest showed up, only to find the man bent over his barbecue saying, "You used to be a deer, and now in your new life, you are a fish!"
The hardest vice i ever gave up was smoking cigarettes. i had plenty of addictions as a youth, but nothing was as hard to give up as nicotine. I went to a stop smoking clinic run by Joel Spitzer, and the man saved my life. He believed that gum and patches didn't work, you continued to be delivered nicotine. i know people who have been chewing nicotine gum for years, and spending just as much money as they would on smokes. Joel suggested cold turkey was the only way. you go through three days of physical withdrawal, and after that, it's all psychological. it worked for me. i believe my god Jesus died for my sins, and there were just a ton of those that did exist! But i'm only human, and so with Easter approaching. i'm, looking forward to it!

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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