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Christmas Gone Wrong IV: A short continuation
Posted by EHaze, Dec 27, 2007. 2267 views. ID = 446

Christmas Gone Wrong IV

Posted by EHaze, Dec 27, 2007. 2267 views. ID = 446
This post was written in 23 minutes.
Thought started and titled with Christmas, I'm taking this story for a ride under a greater plot.
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This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Christmas Gone Wrong.

Timmy and Ronald struggled in their bonds. Large, gleaming straps of metal that conformed to the shape of their bodies, held them in place as Goragg paced in front of them. Timmy looked to Ronald and they shared a glance that indicated neither of them could wriggle free.

Goragg began muttering in his alien language, seemingly speaking to himself. Timmy noticed that the still-grotesque creature was pressing a circular disc into its palm and concluded that the alien was talking over a radio of some sort.

"These two pose no threat and could be useful for manipulating the emotions of human leaders... yes... I will." Goragg said.

Goragg turned to the boys cracking the best simulation of a smile that he could muster. His elders had instructed him to show the boys around the alien city before being loaded into the main craf that would lead an alien assault on Earth.

"S e e M y C i t y" Goragg spewed.

The boys, though scared, were curious about their surroundings and had no alternative to following Goragg's orders. The metal around them had poured from out of nowhere and fitted their bodies ensuring escape was impossible.

Goragg turned and began down a hallway and as he did, the boys' bonds followed after, forcing the two to scramble their feet. Goragg typed onto a brightly-lit, red console and the door in front of him whizzed open revealing a large, metal cavern. Inside, the boys saw countless ships that resembled the mini-van-like ship that brought them to the moon. Around each ship were thousands of Goragg's kind formed up as if waiting for some order. In the center of the place, rested a giant, cylindrical ship that had appeared punctured by triangular sheets of metal in a dozen places. A winged soda can, Timmy thought.

"What is all of this? Where are you taking us?" Timmy nagged.

Goragg turned to face him as if understanding his words.

"Y o u W i l l B e R a n s o m" Goragg blurted out, spitting afterwards and twisting his horrible features into a snarl.

"What does ransom mean?" Ronald whispered, trying not to provoke the alien.

"It means they are going to use us to get something" Timmy replied.

Goragg led the boys onto a large, railed disc that levitated and carried the three down to the center craft where the party was met by dozens of Goragg's kind. Some of the aliens appeared quite presentable with flowing Green robes and metal plates hiding their distasteful features. Surrounded by activity, the boys had little time to comprehend what was happening before they were shuttled into the main ship and after a while, the main deck in that craft. Here, there were more decorated aliens and hundreds more like Goragg.

The trio was led up to an observation platform that could overlook the entire control area in addition to having the best seat in the house for the giant television above. A television with a crystal-clear view of the Earth. The boys marvelled at what they saw though tempered by their situation.

On the main platform, was the most decorated of all the aliens. It wore white robes adorned with brown stripes and rectangular tassles all around. It carried a metal baton with a mirror finish that glowed green slightly. Timmy watched as Goragg performed a small dance and bowed before the greater being.

The elder and Goragg began speaking in their alien language, obviously planning their next move and all Timmy and Ronald could do was marvel at the picture of the Earth in front of them and be saddened by the thought of their parents far away.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 4 readers.
This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Christmas Gone Wrong.
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