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i'd hate that.: <3
Posted by joonmymoon, Feb 28, 2011. 1136 views. ID = 4404

i'd hate that.

Posted by joonmymoon, Feb 28, 2011. 1136 views. ID = 4404
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i’d hold you forever at a time if i could.
maybe because it’s raining and i’m cold,
and my coffee is no longer keeping me warm.

if i could, i’d stay on the line as we sleep.
but i can’t because the satellites hate us,
the call drops after four short hours.

there’s so many things I’d love to do, but can’t.
but i can tell you a basket of things i do.
i really could, but for now i’ll tell you two.
maybe three.

i go straight to men’s clothing,
because i always find something you’ll look good in.
i’d go straight home instead of Target,
because the sooner i get home, the sooner i see you.

and sometimes i wish i met you sooner,
but i always take a step back and realize
that if i mess with any bit of things,
i won’t be writing about you now.
i would hate that.

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