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The Guest: written to a prompt
Posted by Suelli, Dec 29, 2010. 764 views. ID = 4254

The Guest

Posted by Suelli, Dec 29, 2010. 764 views. ID = 4254
This post was written in 19 minutes.
sloppy, but I stuck to the time limit.. just warming up

If I could choose anyone I wanted to come visit me, it would be President Obama. I'd like to give him a pep talk. Hey, hang in there. I know you're up against a wall. Compromise is part of the game, but stay as true as you can to your values. Yes, I know, it really seems like most Americans cannot grasp the reality that change takes time. We live in a society that expects instant gratification. Our bad habits have lead us to incredible debt. And no, like you too seem to believe, I do not think this debt is the result of bleeding heart liberals giving too many handouts to people who really should just be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Our debt is due to military spending, greed, and sloppiness in financing. We wanted everything in the 90s and somehow felt that we deserved it. Yes, I was disheartened by your decision to give tax cuts to the uber rich, but I can see these are hard times. I don't adhere to spartanism, but I wish people could be happy with simplicity. I wish people could see a real problem with the extreme divisions in wealth. It's nice that Gates and that google guy have pledged away 1/2 of their wealth, but I don't think they represent all of the uber rich. How many jobs do those guys really generate? That's what I would like to know. So, anyway, my friends and I were talking. This is a time of self-sacrifice. Education and social services are just going to have to be cut (how horrible) AND we will ALL need to contribute more than seems fair to taxes in order to help ourselves as a WHOLE and to help ensure the stability of OUR OWN FUTURE and that of our children. This is a message most of the American people do not want to hear. Seriously, Obama, I love how you explain your thinking in calm,measured tones, but too many people don't want to listen. You gotta hire some crazy smart advertising people or something --hard to do, I imagine. How many people in that field agree with your policities? But amongst the 300 million people of the US there has to be someone who'd be willing. I know, I'm just an ordinary, everyday person, without a clue how to politik. What I'm saying now probably doesn't seem helfpul to you in anyway. But I do hope at least that you know you have a fan who thinks you are doing your best and believes you can make a difference. It helps me to know there are people in the world who care about me when I am feeling down. Go ahead, relax on my couch. Sorry about the dog and cat hair. Go head play with my dog and let my cats cuddle on your lap. They're so sweet and won't make any demands (except when they're hungry and I've already taken care of that.) They really have no idea who you are. Also, don't worry about the parapazzi. They've no clue who I am. If you want you can use my phone and call your girls and lovely wife. Ive got loads of free minutes. Don't lose the audacity to hope. You're an awesome president. Sure life sucks for many now, but can you imagine what it's be like if McCain were president?

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Dec 30, 2010
Welcome to the site! And don't worry about sticking to time limits; that's just for fun that we have the timer up there.

One thing that would make your writing easier to read is if you put some paragraph breaks in here and there (make a paragraph by doing a double space, like I did between my paragraphs in this message). I look forward to seeing what else you'll write.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Dec 30, 2010

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