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The Gullible Customers: Ways to find fun working at a retail store
Posted by Maine Character, Dec 12, 2010. 1084 views. ID = 4209

The Gullible Customers

Posted by Maine Character, Dec 12, 2010. 1084 views. ID = 4209
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A customer came up to me one day, and asked for my assistance with a computer problem.

Being already busy with five others, I rudely reply: "I will be with you in a minute." and continue my thing.

The associate behind me, Robin, who happens to be a much bigger guy than me, jokingly tells me: "Explain to them why!" and attempts at an immitation of slapping me in the back of the head. Though he misjudged his distance, and actually whacks me in the back of the head, sending my skull forward at a fast speed.

Still in motion, I rub the back of my head and hunch over replying to the customer: "Sorry, I'm with five others at the moment I'll get to you as soon as I can." I then turn to Robin, still hunched over and say to him in a raspy, hurt voice:

"Sorry mastah! I will try harder next time!"

Robin, still playing raises his hand (of which I cringe at immediately), and replies: "Get back to work, Joe!"

I hobble down the next two aisles out of view, and end the scene.

The Customers on the other hand didn't know how to react to the whole thing, and with minds still blown by what they had just whitnessed.

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