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Favorite Season: Yay! Winter!
Posted by Sharpygreencatgirl, Nov 30, 2010. 1826 views. ID = 4183

Favorite Season

Posted by Sharpygreencatgirl, Nov 30, 2010. 1826 views. ID = 4183
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I love all the seasons except for maybe Spring.
Winter is definitely my favorite though.
The holiday spirit is just so great!
I get all excited, maybe a few months too early....
I eat candy canes
Go Christmas shopping
Claim it's snowing "Oh wait, that's sleet!"
I love to ice skate, sled and of course to ski
If only I were any good at skiing....

Since we were young my friend and I have had something called
"The Spring and Winter Wars"
Of course I'm always "The Winter Queen"
I throw snow and battle with ice cycle swords
While "Spring" throws mud, yellow grass and thorns
I bundle up in white, blue and purple
A snow suit, hat, mittens, a scarf and boots
She wears green, yellow, brown. green and green
And at first she has to wear a coat also because it's still cold

Some days it's chilly and cold and it looks like I'm winning the wars
As weeks pass she starts to prevail
But I never give up
There's always next year

I don't like to think of it as loosing
More like retreating for a while
It's just a blast
and something to do
afterward we have a feast of winter and spring food:
ice from the freezer, hot chocolate and ice cream
flowers, mint, sandwiches and lime aid
The battles go on and on for days so
Join the Spring and Winter Wars!
Will you join my side or hers?

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
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Nov 30, 2010
All hail! The Spring queen is here!
Ps. I wrote about the Spring & Winter wars in my prompt too!
*written while munching on flowers NOT looking forward to it being December tomorrow*

   ~Posted by bookwormj, Nov 30, 2010

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