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Leaving School (part 1): My experiance with friends, wacky family and food this year
Posted by Sharpygreencatgirl, Nov 26, 2010. 1567 views. ID = 4168

Leaving School (part 1)

Posted by Sharpygreencatgirl, Nov 26, 2010. 1567 views. ID = 4168
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Well this was how my Thanksgiving break went. Just a draft of an idea story thingy. Basically, don't expect to be wowwed!
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This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled My Thanksgiving Break.

Chapter 1: "Alright everyone, I'm passing out your new schedules." Mr. Lauer called out. I was in fifth hour, Algebra, sitting sideways in my chair so I could talk to my friend Chloe and her boyfriend Matt. Everyone was tense and distracted because as soon as school got out, Thanksgiving break would begin! "I hope I have classes with you guys!" Chloe said frantically. She had been stressing out about her new schedule all day. "I'm sure we will," Matt said as Chloe sat down on his lap and motioned for him to massage her shoulders. "

That feels so good babe," Chloe moaned. "My thighs are sore from practice. You can massage there too, if you want." She giggled as he complied.

I rolled my eyes and turned around in my chair.
"Here ya go Teagan!" Mr. Lauer said startling me and handed me my schedule. As I scanned it I could hear Chloe and Matt receiving theirs. "Oh! no! We don't even have lunch together!" I could hear her exclaim. "Hmmmm," I muttered to myself. "Spanish, Choir, Science, Late Lunch, English, History...."
"Teagan!!!!!!?????" Chloe was standing behind me looking down at my schedule. "Oh T! We don't have any classes or lunch!!"
I made a sad puppy face at her. "NOT EVEN LUNCH!" she yelled.

"Chloe, seriously you don't even eat with me! You eat with all your new friends." I made another sad face.
"You don't even eat with me!" said Matt from across the aisle. "Those people aren't really my friends." Chloe chuckled like i was a clueless young child (yes, she chuckled).
"You always hang out with them. Therefore the are your friends." I stated.
"Not reaaaaaaaaally!" Chloe said still smiling and shaking her head.
"Yeah they are." Matt backed me up. "You bring them to all my Hockey games. I mean, what about Paige, Hannah, Linsy, Heather, Shelly, Meghan, Sanna, Quianchi, Lily-"
Chloe cut him off and went on one of her spastic rampages.

I stopped listening and started putting away my books when she started shrieking about how "We were her only real friends!"
Yeah right...
The bell rang. "How 'bout we hang up over break." I suggested as we shoved our way out the door. "Of course Babe!" Chloe called and as she was whisked away by her "friends" Shanay and Alexa. In the hall everyone was comparing schedules, pushing each other into lockers, laughing and all the usual bustle. I rushed down the stairs with Matt.

We were talking about our favorite things too eat on Thanksgiving as my friend Hallie emerged out of a side door. "Hallie!" I cried. At the same time as she yelled, "Teagan!"
We jumped around in the rush waving our schedules at each other, me shouting things like "Choir second hour!" and "You got late lunch??"

She was shouting things like "Did you see my new Polyvore set?" and "Interesting shirt...."
In a few minutes time we were on the second floor walking to the auditorium where Hallie was auditioning for Hairspray. "Break all of your bones!" I said as she went into the auditorium. "Happy Thanksgiving!" she called back. I went down the stairs showing my schedule to passing friends. It wasn't exactly like leaving for Christmas vacation but people were generally in the holiday mood.
Once at the bike rack, I gawkily mounted my bike. I wobbled around through a mass of people headed for the buses but eventually made it safely onto the sidewalk. Whenever I ride my bike it'ss a good opportunity to practice singing for my upcoming choir exams.

"Bonnie the Banks and Bonnie the Braes, Purple the Highland view! Sparkle the sun from Loch-Lo-MOND! Wild and rugged and trueeeee!" I belted then trailed off when I got some odd looks from kids I rode by, but soon enough I had reached my destination.
I was at Lobo's house. Lobo was a dear friend, I could talk to him about anything. I'd known him since I was nine. His Dad, our family friend Eric, had rescued him from the woods when he was a pup. Then he'd needed a dog walker. One thing lead to another and soon enough I was walking Lobo twice a week.
"Hi Eric!" I said as I walked into the house. "Hey Teagan, how was your Tuesday?" Eric was sitting at the kitchen table making and then erasing a list. "Pretty good," I replied. "You?"
"Stressed. I'm making the Thanksgiving shopping list." he said wiping the sweat of his brow. "Meeting the new in-laws tomorrow," he added. After chatting for a few minutes I walked out the door with frisky 7 year old Lobo. It was a gray dreary day and wet leaves kept falling in my hair. I smiled at the sky. I was happy.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled My Thanksgiving Break. The next part of this series can be found here: Home Sweet Home (part 2).
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Nov 27, 2010
There are a lot of funny symbols, I don't know why but do you have any idea how to take them out?
Good story!
   ~Posted by bookwormj, Nov 27, 2010

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