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The Empty Seat: A Thanksgiving story in Haibun form
Posted by Joy12, Nov 21, 2010. 1114 views. ID = 4153

The Empty Seat

Posted by Joy12, Nov 21, 2010. 1114 views. ID = 4153
This post was written in 23 minutes.
Sometimes, Thanksgiving is difficult in a family. I wrote this piece as a haibun, which is prose mixed with haiku.
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Empty Seat (A haibun)

A different feast this year: the centerpiece, not like Mother’s, for it lacked the leaves from the yard; the turkey from the diner, charred on one side; the gravy with lumps; the cranberry sauce canned; apple cider and pumpkin pie, from the supermarket; potatoes, baked in the microwave.

Still they sat and prayed
giving thanks for this spread and
held each other’s hand.

With fun gone, only morsels was left for the girl of five and three older boys. Suddenly one boy said, “I wish mother was here.” Father restructured his breath. “Some things cannot be helped. Eat your turkey,” he said, fear filling him. Yet, he looked at his children and found love within his grasp.

Like the waning moon.
sliding away, she’d left an
emptied mother’s seat

The force of love unhooked the father in a whim of grace. He said, “Let’s hold hands and offer our thanks once more. We’re thankful for the food and the strength to meet the challenges of life. We’re thankful Mother stayed with us for as long as she could. We’re thankful for each other and memories that will propel us through. We’re thankful we understand that giving is better than receiving.”

With his voice crackling,
He wondered who dealt the faith
to keep love alive.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 3 readers.
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