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When They Turned Against Me: My walk through the forest turns into a chaotic struggle for survival
Posted by John Thunscorpe, Oct 21, 2010. 1280 views. ID = 4011

When They Turned Against Me

Posted by John Thunscorpe, Oct 21, 2010. 1280 views. ID = 4011
This post was written in 17 minutes.
Had this dream when I was about 5, stayed with me forever in the sharpest detail.
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It was dusk, the sun was just managing to hang on to the last drops of its day, and me, my middle brother and my father walked silently along the leaf strewn path. It was almost like a long corridor, though we were outside. Thick trees on either side of us, keeping us committed to our direction. We walked of farther down the path where I spied in front of us one of my old stuffed animal monkeys. I walked towards it, and picked it up from the bed of dead leaves and dirt. I was happy to be reunited with the monkey and held it as we walked on. The sun had now disappeared completely, leaving us with only the darkness of the night.

It was as we neared the end of our walk when we saw the torches. We saw them to our right through the wall of trees. It was to our surprise that we found them in the same clearing we were walking to. In the middle of this clearing was a bunker, made of sturdy white stone. The group with torches saw us, they gazed upon us with evident ill intentions. The most shocking aspect of this group, however, was who their leader was. It was my eldest brother. His tall figure looked down at us, and I was appalled to realize that we would be given no pardon, even as he was my brother.

Then the fight broke out. It was a struggle, but mostly all I remember is the chaos of the moment. I briefly saw my father, standing there watching, clearing having given up. My middle brother made a move which found me losing all hope. He had joined my eldest brother. They both came upon me, dragging me into the foreboding white bunker in the middle of the clearing, leaving the rest of his group to guard outside.

The bunker was almost empty, steps leading down to a space in the center, where a cardboard box stood. My two older brothers with their strong grasps, much too powerful for me to resist, forced me towards, and then into the box. I remember just before being thrown into the box, seeing the word penned in black felt pen: Australia.

I struggled as they attempted to close the box lid on my head. I would continue to pop up, fighting to come up as one who is drowning in a powerful ocean. This continued for a couple of minutes, but I could not hold out forever. Eventually I was subdued, and the darkness of the box enveloped me.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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