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Personality Makeover: Trapped in Me
Posted by vessels, Oct 18, 2010. 2072 views. ID = 4002

Personality Makeover

Posted by vessels, Oct 18, 2010. 2072 views. ID = 4002
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My thoughts on the key part of who I am.
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Although I am in general a friendly person, my introverted tendencies are a regrettable hinderance for me. It hinders me in my relationships with people, my ambitions and my goals and, I suspect, the influence I could have in people's lives. What I like about being introverted is I get to spend some time thinking, reflecting,creating, imagining and meditating. That can have a productive outcome. It's hard to sit down and be quiet when there is too much going on around you throughout the day. Introversion can be beneficial from that perspective. I don't know if I lose out by shutting people out, I hope not. Sometimes it's intentional, for my peace of mind and spirit, other times it's absolutely necessary, again for my peace of mind and spirit. There are those occasions where shyness creeps in and exploits my introverted nature. I find myself feeling socially awkward and uncomfortable in group dynamic situations when I need to communicate and express my thoughts or feelings. It can be brutal when you can't seem to say what you really want to say and when you do speak up it comes out all wrong. They're many things I like about myself, more likes than dislikes, but the introverted person inside of me is a personality do over I often wish for.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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