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Dreamland: Trapped at Work
Posted by vessels, Oct 13, 2010. 1930 views. ID = 3978


Posted by vessels, Oct 13, 2010. 1930 views. ID = 3978
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This is a recurring dream or maybe nightmare that I've been having lately.
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I've been having a recurring dream about being trapped at work. It usually starts off feeling real as if I'm putting in a normal days work. I'm talking and interacting, seemingly, like normal with my coworkers. Sometimes something is going like an event or meeting. It's usually something that has people excited. In the midst of waiting for whatever event that is going to take place the dream proceeds to transition me from one location to another.First I'm at church with one group of people, then I find myself in another unknown area of what is I guess my workplace and then back to work. Somewhere along the way I notice that I'm passed due my sign out time and I find myself searching for a way to get home. I go to the elevator and then the dream transitions again and I'm outside waiting on at a bus stop then again another transition and I'm not waiting for a bus, but my husband to pick me up from work. However, I'm either at the wrong pick up area or I find myself in a building again looking at the time on the clock and telling myself I'm late I need to get home now. So the dream progresses and I'm running from one area to another crazily unable to get to where I'm trying to go. The very last thing I attempt to do is make a phone call either from work or my cell phone, only the numbers are blurred and I can't see them. So I try to recall my husbands phone number, only I can't quite remember the number I am trying to dial. This goes on until I am fully awake. I always wonder what a dream analyst would say about this disturbing recurrence.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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