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Beauty of Deserts: Tells about the much ignored beauty of deserts
Posted by Theoneandonly, Oct 7, 2010. 1314 views. ID = 3966

Beauty of Deserts

Posted by Theoneandonly, Oct 7, 2010. 1314 views. ID = 3966
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I have never experienced any of this, so it can be regarded as fiction by me ;)
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When we talk about the beauty of of nature, we usually imagine waterfalls, vast expanses of forested land, green and calm, bees and birds sucking nectar from the flowers, seas, skies, rain and alot of other invigorating sights

But what almost none of us imagine is a desert. Do we? Well in this post I am going to point out one of nature's absolute marvel: The Desert.

When we think about a desert we think about sand. But here's where the breathtaking view comes into play! Sand is the integral part of a deserts beauty. The way it spreads out into what seems like a never ending vista of orange-golden hills, dunes, barchans which just take your breath away! Standing in the middle of such an arrangement, you experience calm and power at the same time, with the wind bearing sand particles blowing against you like a brush with delicate bristles, awakening your senses of touch!

All the sand aside, let us talk about vegetation out there. For those of you who might not know the Tucson desert is the home to less than 500 species of plants. But also the desert is home to one of the most beautiful plants, with blooming flowers, and cacti, and various exotic colours that you can only imagine you could find in a desert!

Also deserts, are a store of enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna! Animals and plants here have seen incredible adaptations of their bodies that would seem like the work of a genius thus making deserts a hotspot for biologica research!

On the other hand deserts have also been talked about in many stories, like of the Arabian Nights, and in certain video games like the notable Prince of Persia, thus making it even more awe-deserving.

Wow! Doesn't that sound wonderful! But I know you must be thinking,"Oh yeah, sure, in that excoriating heat?". Well I do agree, it is extremely hot, and one musn't be exposed to such heat for too long! It may seem beautiful but deserts can kill. It is easy to lose your way in a desert, sandstorms can be harmful to your eyes and may even bury your car. The insects are poisonous and the animals dangerous.
As beautiful as deserts are, they are just about as deadly.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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