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3 angels deep.: what you are, in 3 different windows
Posted by joonmymoon, Oct 6, 2010. 1117 views. ID = 3961

3 angels deep.

Posted by joonmymoon, Oct 6, 2010. 1117 views. ID = 3961
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It goes without saying that even if there’s one subject, if 3 people are taking a picture from 3 different angles, then the pictures would all be different. Or if you have one point but have 3 different windows to view it in, the thoughts would all be different. With this said…

My eyes, they only see you.
They see your deep-set eyes resting on a beautifully structured face,
With a jaw line that holds lips as red as cherries that ripen in June.
They see a perfectly crooked set of bottom teeth that peek when you smile.
These eyes can enumerate all the smiles you radiate,
Their favorite being the one you bestow before you laugh.

My ears, they only hear you.
They hear your laugh, resonating frequencies within a 5-mile radius.
Your voice, as soothing as lavender and chamomile on a cold winter night,
Crawls right through me and eases even the minutest of uncertainties.
These ears pull out strength from your shrewd sentiments,
Their favorite being the one you whispered, so lovingly, as I face my fears.

My heart, it only feels you.
It feels your warmth, blanketing me with unconditional love,
Like my peacoat and boots in the shivering New York air.
It feels the walls cleave into pieces when you’re in sight; in plain, beautiful, sight.
This heart basks in the glory of your truths, your passion, even your pain,
Its favorite being the only one it can see, hear, and feel- YOU. Just you.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.

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