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Obsolete Love: heartbroken
Posted by kellyg8791, Oct 5, 2010. 644 views. ID = 3958

Obsolete Love

Posted by kellyg8791, Oct 5, 2010. 644 views. ID = 3958
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Obsolete Love:

You slipped away from me
Just as fast as you
Snuck up on my heart.
You made me fall in love with you
Just as fast as you made me leave.
You made me cry, just as fast as
you've made me smile.

We fit in every way
making one another whole
But you've made a bitter person
out of a warm soul.
Because now you have someone else
to attempt to fill that void.

I asked you to ask me to wait for you
But you refused convinced the only
thing that could come from you and me is pain.
What you don't understand is
I will never be the same.
You said you loved everything about me.
And I said I loved the way you loved me.

You've asked me to move on but if I kissed her lips
I know I'd taste your mouth, If she pulled me in I'd hate myself
for letting her wrap her arms around
what is rightfully yours.

Now I'm left with this emptiness
and all of these questions.....
Will these tears ever run dry?
Will you ever return back by my side?

When Vice meets Virtue, I should have known better.
Two stranger's who've known each other their whole life collide.
Their new found love was strong, but just did not suffice.
Their affection for one another attempts to fill a familiar need for comfort.
Foreign and raw enough to form a path of unwarrantable destruction.
Destroying everything in its way.

So should I really be surprised that you didn't stay?
Do the means really justify this end?
Or was it really just all for pretend?

Because our love is obsolete.
Nothing but an elaborate unknown algorithm.
In which you focus inordinate amounts of attention on.
Only to be discouraged by the ambiguous feeling
that even the greatest amounts of speculation
cannot and will not shed light on such an
equivocal situation.

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This post has been awarded 3 stars by 1 reader.

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