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Compassionate No More: Expressing my hurt through writing
Posted by Maine Character, Sep 27, 2010. 1191 views. ID = 3917

Compassionate No More

Posted by Maine Character, Sep 27, 2010. 1191 views. ID = 3917
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I have loved you and I have warmly let you into my life, and shared my greatest joys with you, yet you do not respond with a smile, or a warm hug. Instead you treat me as if I am a nobody, and animal, an outcast that you can just push aside.

I have become a doormat and to you, I have yet to become anything other than another man in existance. I have cared for you, gone to the ends of the earth to be your friend, I would have died for you, killed for you, but now my heart is cold.

I have turned my soft loving soul to stone, and you will never melt away the numbness I feel. For years I have put up with your flaws, yet the one time I mess up, you point it out, and cut me with your words of hate. You have taken complete and utter advantage of me, and now, I will not let anybody get as close as you were.

You are the one who is nobody, and you are the one who has yet to feel compassion. I have been to the ends of the earth and back for you, and yet you rant on about how you feel. You do not know the meaning of pain.

I have sacrificed everything for you, but no longer shall I be your slave. From now on I vow never to love you. I vow never to care. Every time I needed you, you weren't even there.

My warm heart, and loving smile will no longer be for you, from now on, I have filled my heart with the tears of sorrow, and frosted them long over due.I have locked my heart away and thrown away the key, because, after all I've done for you, you were never there for me.

Anger has festered in my heart long enough at the thought of not even a thanks from you, but never again, will I do anything for you.

My heart is cold, and my soul is numb, for you were never my good friend.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.

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