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Whose is the love that I see in your eyes?: you gotta tell them sometime, right?
Posted by joonmymoon, Sep 8, 2010. 1129 views. ID = 3827

Whose is the love that I see in your eyes?

Posted by joonmymoon, Sep 8, 2010. 1129 views. ID = 3827
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"Whose is the love that I see in your eyes?"

"Yours" she immediately thought; but "oh no one's, it's just the sun" is what she joked.

"But you sang me songs. Did you already forget? Did you?"

There was so much perplexity, so much pain in his diction.

"My songs were all out of tune, and hold nothing but disposable truths."

"They were perfect to me. Well, the secrets?"

"Those aren't secrets, they're just facts that only you know at the moment."

He didn't speak; he only stared at her, as if he was watching his favorite movie through a projector screen. He refused to miss a scene. She can't quite figure out what flashback he's playing behind his eyes.

"Well then, how is this going to end?" he asked

"It doesn't have to. But if it must, it should end pleasantly."

"Ends are never pleasant."

"The end of a torment would be pleasant, wouldn't you say?"

"We're not a torment though. We've been quite the opposite. So, that doesn't apply."

There was a piercing silence that surrounded the room. There was nothing she could say that would make anything better. There's no reassuring him the way nothing could serve as a genuine reassurance to her. You have to understand, fear underlines their hearts, accentuates acquired marks left behind. Two people who refuse to think with half their hearts. They've forgotten what it's like to execute involuntary dances. They've forgotten what it's like to be capable of loving and being loved.

The next few sentiments slowly broke the shell she surrounded herself in for the past few years.

"I don't want an end. I want a beginning. A middle, if you will. If it's not love I see in your eyes, it should be what you see in mine. And you're wrong, if those weren't secrets, then why won't you expose them to anyone else? If those songs were out of tune, then why did you sing them in the first place?"

He started walking away and as if walking the plank, she closed her eyes and bit her lip then softly uttered "Yours. I was hoping it'd never come to this, but it's yours."

He turned around and, like a little kid, smiled and said "I can keep the love in your eyes?"

"Only if you keep my secrets."

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.

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