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In Years to Come: A man's thoughts as he stands out on his balcony, looking across the great expanse of Earth millions of years after present day.
Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 19, 2010. 1012 views. ID = 3782

In Years to Come

Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 19, 2010. 1012 views. ID = 3782
This post was written in 15 minutes.
A quick 15 minute piece, planned to actually place in more of a plot/character into it. But time rarely allows. Rate, comment, enjoy! :)
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Humanity still remembered the golden days. It had all been documented, from lush green plant life which used to cover the land to the rolling blue oceans which lapped at the sea shores continuously. From stories passed down and placed neatly away in computer memory, the human race remembered.

Yet to truly look back and try to imagine the world in such a way was almost impossible. Though there were still pictures, they all seemed so surreal. Many refused to believe. Many said that it was all a conspiracy, and the world had never possessed such beauty. They said it was all a lie.

I admit freely that I, Roshan Elderstar, found it difficult to imagine. As I stood out on a balcony in the Great City looking out over the expanse of the world beyond, I saw only dry, hot and rocky land. Life was a struggle, and chaos was rampant. Only the Great City was still safe.

So what had happened? That was another question the human race refused to agree on. Even the most legendary scientists found it nearly impossible to think of one particular reason. Anything could have happened.

Some things were certain however, like the fact that the world was much warmer than it had been. Even in the last few thousands of years it was evident the world was getting dryer, cracking, and slowly turning into a lifeless planet. Then why weren't we dead? All I could say was thank god for technology. We had managed to keep the human race alive, through countless major crises.

It would not last forever though, I knew that. Life was becoming more and more unbearable every year. Resources ran terribly low and I felt that soon, if we were to escape the destruction of human kind yet again, we would finally have to leave our beloved planet Earth.

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This post has been awarded 1 star by 1 reader.

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