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A Moral Choice: A man's dilemma as he finds he could take a waiters generous tip, a moral decision has to take place.
Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 15, 2010. 960 views. ID = 3771

A Moral Choice

Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 15, 2010. 960 views. ID = 3771
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It was wrong what he did, taking all that money. Yet as he sat there waiting for his meal, the twenty dollars on the floor sat there unnoticed by all but myself. I could have easily told myself it was simply a random twenty dollars that fell hours ago from a passerby's pocket. Yes, that would have been much easier.

Unfortunately for my conscience I knew better. The undeniable hunch in the back of my brain, practically shouting to me, causing trembles across my whole body, knew the truth.

Surely it couldn't be so bad? This wanting of twenty dollars? No it was not, it would not hurt anyone, but only keep the deserved happiness from one waiter. For it was a tip, it must have been!

Usually taking it would not even have crossed my mind, yet I had been waiting so long for my meal, with the money right there in front of me, forgotten.

Here I had to make a moral choice.

One, I would sit and eat my meal, waiting for someone to claim the money. If no one took it? Well then I would take it. Though I suspect if I waited, it would definitely be spotted by the hovering manager surveying his restaurant.

My second choice? Would be the most gratifying of all. It also the most obvious, virtuous choice. I could go and take the money, and return it in all heavenly glory. It would be the right thing, and would I would feel elated for nights at the memory of doing the right, and most beautiful thing.

Yet again, in the back of my mind, I knew I had already made my mind about what to do. Before I had even begun to think about the possibilities, I had already chosen the third choice. The third choice being the despicable one.

I grabbed the money, ate and paid for my meal, and walked out in a hurry. Why in a hurry? Not because of being worried of being caught, yet the heavy guilt that dragged my heart down was to painful to bear.

Although upon walking out of the restaurant, the guilt did not lift. There was no feeling of satisfaction or reward, simply a shroud of dark gloom. Where there could have been the heavenly lights sparkling, and dancing in my eyes as I danced and smiled inwardly among the rest of the gloomy population, I sat just as the rest of them. Simply instinctual and selfish.

No one had gained on this night, and though even though as I think of what to spend the money on, keeping me happy for but a moment, I know that my life has darkened, even by only the tiniest fraction.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.

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