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For Myself, Bliss: Just writing what came to mind, a little random :)
Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 15, 2010. 1046 views. ID = 3770

For Myself, Bliss

Posted by John Thunscorpe, Aug 15, 2010. 1046 views. ID = 3770
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In the beginning it was merely a fleeting idea. To take fifteen minutes and write, that's what I was offered by a random site I found on So what did I do? I clicked it, and registered. Then I began to write.

Why do I write? Merely for the love of it. The love of putting words on paper, in my own way, and instilling further thought into an idea, and letting it grow into something much more. Though I use unoriginal words, with nothing too exciting or unusual, what I write is still unique, though familiar.

As I write, I feel the joy of it all. My mind opens up and power flies through it, relighting the quiet embers in the corners of my brain. Writing is my power. I am fueled by it, and at the same time, I fuel it. Without this, these words would be non-existent.

Sitting here writing is bliss, I hardly know what I type as I push my mind further and further to reach some unknown goal. I realize that when I look back upon these writings. Much of it may not make sense, or light the same fires to others as it did to my own.

Perhaps it seems pointless, but here I am adding something to the world. Mostly however, I do this simply for myself.

Now, though I have only passed half the time of my fifteen minutes, I will go. For in life I have friends to attend to. In this case, my Danish friend who has been staying at my house during his visit here.

I have enjoyed this writing, and will return. For now I bid goodbye.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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