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The Princess and the Dragon: Part one in a serial story about a princess who is kidnapped by a dragon.
Posted by Ari James, Jun 28, 2010. 1078 views. ID = 3663

The Princess and the Dragon

Posted by Ari James, Jun 28, 2010. 1078 views. ID = 3663
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This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled The Princess and the Dragon.

Princess Adelaide (Addie to her parents, Adelaide to everyone else) was bored. She had been working on the same embroidery sampler for nearly three weeks now, and what little she'd gotten done was more snarl than stitch. It wasn't that she was bad at embroidery; she'd done a tapestry of the entire royal family tree when she was ten and her parents still proudly displayed it in the entryway of the royal castle. It was just that she wanted this one to be perfect, and so far, it wasn't.

She sighed, sticking her needle into the cloth and resting her chin on her hand. She had such a headache. She looked down below at the courtyard where Prince Myles, her fiance and quite possibly the most attractive man she'd ever met, and his squire, a slight, freckle-faced boy named Martin were sparring, using wooden swords. Myles looked up at her window, smiling broadly.

Adelaide's heart melted like a burning candle. She still couldn't quite believe her good luck at getting Myles to marry her. He was everything she'd ever dreamed of: handsome, chivalrous, brave-just look at how he handled that sword!-and a prince to boot. She sighed again, but this time it was a sigh of longing, not boredom.

A sharp rap at the door interrupted her thoughts. "Yes?" she called.

"Princess? It's time to get ready for your engagement ball!" It was Anna, her lady-in-waiting.

"All right!" she called back through the door, rising from her cushion by the window and crossing the room to the vast armoire that dominated the whole room. She pushed its carved mahogany doors open and pulled out the dress she was supposed to wear for the ball. It was a lovely dress: royal blue silk with a panel of embroidered gold in the center of the skirt, shoulder-skimming sleeves, and a fancy gold belt that cinched in to accent her tiny waist, the result of years of rigid corsets.

By the time Anna came in, Adelaide had managed to lace herself into the dress and had already sat down at her vanity table to touch up her makeup.

"Begging your pardon, Highness, but you really should wear another crinoline with that," Anna said, wringing her hands and standing uselessly around-something she did far too often for Adelaide's taste.

"Hand me that pot of rouge over there, will you?" the princess asked, ignoring her servant's advice. Another crinoline and the lower half of her body would probably snap off.

Anna handed her mistress the rouge, in a little alabaster pot decorated with roses-a gift from one of the many suitors who had come before Myles. Personally, Anna thought Prince Myles was a bit thick-headed, but of course she'd never tell the besotted princess that. She liked her position at the castle too well to do something so foolish.

The princess grabbed a brush and began to apply the soft powder to her smooth, ivory-colored cheeks. She was quite a beauty, with those piles of blonde hair, that sweet, full mouth, those smooth white hands. Every inch a princess.

Adelaide set the rouge pot down and grabbed a stick of kohl. She was about to swipe on a bit-it really did bring her eyes out-when she heard a scream. Her head jerked up, and there, at the now-shattered window, hovered a dragon. She shrieked and dropped the kohl onto the snow-white rug, creating a black splotch that the laundresses never would quite get out.

A massive claw shot into the room and wrapped itself around Adelaide's waist. Just before she fainted, she heard the dragon say, "Hello, gorgeous."

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled The Princess and the Dragon. The next part of this series can be found here: The Princess and the Dragon, part 2.

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