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The singing group of Norffrighdge: A grab-bag
Posted by JasonT.Johnson, Jun 28, 2010. 800 views. ID = 3662

The singing group of Norffrighdge

Posted by JasonT.Johnson, Jun 28, 2010. 800 views. ID = 3662
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This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: adequacy, quartet, social, suggest, measles, hesitancy, blade, unmarried, civil war, morbid
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With adequacy, I cannot write in any form of poetry. I have tried: time and again, but to no avail. So this, I shall write as a short story: Approximately 4 foot 5.

Once, a quartet of musically challenged ducks travelled down a river, straight into the small village of Norffrighdge. The people of Norffrighdge were very kind and social, so they took in the ducks as honered guests, and upon hearing that they sang, a young man suggested that they perform for the whole village!

Norffrighdge was a very small village, though, and had not ever encountered musicians of any kind, so when they heard the musically challenged ducks sing, they thought that maybe, just maybe, professional singers sang like that. So when the ducks left them, they decided to form their own singing group!

A week later, half the singers had come down with the measles. It was a catastraphe, but with hesitency, they continued to practice with their own impersinations of the ducks. Eventually, the singers decided to perform for another village down the road. This village was much larger and had a guarded wall. A man with a blade at his side stood outside of the gate.

"You there! What is your business?" He cried.

"We are a singing group from the village of Norffrighdge!" They shouted back as they neared the man.

"Stay away!" The man cried back, drawing his sword, "or I shall kill you as we killed those ducks! We do not allow singers here any more!"

"I am too young to die!" A Norffrighdge-ian cried, "I am yet unmarried!"

So the singing group of Norffrighdge fled, and decided to stick to their annual Norffrighdge Civil War re-enactment, as 'morbid' as they thought it was.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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