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Murderer!: A captive audience waits in anticipation.
Posted by Weiss, Mar 26, 2010. 737 views. ID = 3395


Posted by Weiss, Mar 26, 2010. 737 views. ID = 3395
This post was written in 7 minutes.
There isn't really a setting for this, it's just a short piece of work that kind of popped up one day. Enjoy.
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A man cried out in pain, slain before a million peering eyes. His innards were strewn about, a grotesque display for the captive audience. A hundred pleased groans sounded in response. A soft cackle filled the the dying man's ears. It was pleased, beyond measure. Tears wellled in the eyes of the corpse. Perhaps it was filled with dispair, dwelling on it's fate. Perhaps it was nearly an autonomous reaction to the fatal trauma applied so readily to it's fragile frame.

The room roared with jeers and laughter, before the corpse shrieked. Silence descended, the banshee-like wail rising as the crowd fell, darkening the already dim room. It sat straight up, it's glazed eyes staring into the shocked eyes of it's murderer. A hate without an earthly counterpart hung behind the milky white film. The murderer stepped back, his knees shaking, a cold sweat poking through his pores. "Murderer!" the corpse shreiked, pointing a finger accusingly. "I will return to drag you to hell, I will not suffer alone!" The last phrase sounded like an explosion, the audience ducking, weaving, trying desperatly to find some kind of protection from the thing. Rage, otherworldly rage set the room aflame, before the corpse collapsed, droll and lifeless.

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This post has been awarded 6 stars by 2 readers.

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