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Ah bad day: when bad stuff irritates you
Posted by rabia, Feb 7, 2010. 1059 views. ID = 3198

Ah bad day

Posted by rabia, Feb 7, 2010. 1059 views. ID = 3198
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bad stuff really irritate us
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Lamar wake in the morning and ready to go to school. He pray for the good day say ' Oh God I don't want the bad things happen in my day'.He does not like the bad stuff in his surroundings irritates him . When he walking towards his way he saw a man is running towards him, he tried to save from him but the man fall on him. He hurt and pain starts in his leg but the man stood and again start running without say sorry to him. Then he walk forward a woman carrying a dustbin and suddenly she fell and the whole dustbin fall upon the Lamar. But due to respect of old lady he can't say a word and goes towards his home. His mom scolded him due to its dirty look. He decide to not to go school. His mother orders him to go to market and fetch some vegetables when he goes to market. A boy coming on the cycle strikes with him and fell him on the mud. The Lamar ready to hit him but the boy ran away from him. He kicked on the surface. He didn’t like the bad day but this time he face that day. His mother scolded him again. He decides to play football. He plays some tricks with his football but football goes to wrong angle and broke the window before his mother beat him he runs outside the house. He gets frustrated the all situations and it makes him crazy. He say to himself 'what is happening today with me I don't believe it'.He sat on the bench and decided not to go anywhere cause of its bad day. In the evening, he thinks for the walk near the park and when he goes towards the parks the ‘Dirty Boys’ gang stop his way. He is already annoying. He started to punch the boys and bloods are flow from the boy’s mouth. He started to kick out the boys and some boys help to hit them because they are not like by them. The ‘Dirty Boys’ beg for forgiveness and not to tease again. The Lamar was come to home with happy face because the irritating thing can lead to a good thing that they get rid of ‘Dirty Boys’ gang forever and he become famous due to his act. Atlast he thinks that bad day is irritating but gave something interesting results.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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