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Naughty: story of a naughty boy
Posted by rabia, Feb 3, 2010. 1065 views. ID = 3170


Posted by rabia, Feb 3, 2010. 1065 views. ID = 3170
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Naughty person is the one who can keep your smile
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The Stefan has three children Jasmine, Leo and Armin. He goes towards home holding money in his pocket. Armin is waiting for his dad it’s is a good day for him when he get his pocket money.
'Hey children get your pocket money Leo I gave you 1500, jasmine for you is 1000 and Armin for you is 500’ Stefan said.
‘Dad can I gave you the suggestion’ said Armin.
‘Sure’ Stefan said.
‘Why not you gave the pocket money on the basis of equality or average because my pocket money hurts me many times’ said Armin with low voice.
‘Shut up Armin you always try to convince dad for more money’ Leo said.
‘Here the enemies stand for me’ Armin said.
‘Armin behave, Leo is older than you’ said Stefan.
‘You always say to me to behave but not tell me whom to behave’Armin said.
‘Okay go to your room’ said Stefan.
‘No one listen me because I say the truth’ Armin said and walks towards his room.
After one hour he down from the stairs and stand in front of brother. Leo is working on computer. ‘This machine doesn’t mean that you can work on it twenty four hours. I mean it’s a good idea to say me to play grand theft auto vice city on computer’ said Armin.
‘It’s not a good idea but this make sounds good that you can go and complete your homework now’ Leo said with smile.
‘You repeat these words many time and repeat idea is not a good idea’ Armin said.
Suddenly Jasmine shouted’ who ate my cake and chips’ Jasmine says with anger.
Armin pointed towards Leo
‘You know very well that who ate your things usually’ Leo said.
‘Armin why you do it’ Jasmine says.
‘Hungry person has no choice’ said Armin.
‘Armin why you hit Alex yesterday?’ Leo asked.
‘He didn’t give me ball and also his face is looking cute with my punch’ Armin said.
‘But its Alex's ball not yours’ Leo said.
‘But in the time of game it becomes mine’ Armin said.
‘Okay can you complete your homework’ Jasmine said.
‘I listen that sometimes do some change in your life is good for you so I decide not to homework tonight’ Armin said.
‘Do your homework you don’t need any change’ Jasmine said.
After completing the homework, he goes to table and take out the dairy and writes on it.
‘Dear Diary I pray to God to save me form my enemies sister and brother. They never understand me.
He closed the diary and go to bed for sleep.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 3 readers.
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