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Journal of Henry Peterson: Henry Peterson, a kid whose parents are involved in finding people who possess mutant powers and help find them trainers who can teach them.
Posted by Shawn, Jan 31, 2010. 779 views. ID = 3162

Journal of Henry Peterson

Posted by Shawn, Jan 31, 2010. 779 views. ID = 3162
This post was written in 22 minutes.
I hope you enjoy the story even though it is still being written but I look foreward to your comments and help.
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July 4, 2012


I don't know why I get myself involved in these messes but I guess that is my lot in life, my mother seems to think that I have a gift and that I can see the future in my dreams but come on thats just fantasy, I think the people who "say" they can see the future are actully lieing but I cant tell her that without getting a mouthful.
Now you are probably wondering who I am and I would like to offer you my sincer apology for going on like that, but I am called Henry Peterson and I am about 15 years of age and quite mature if I say so myself.
My parents are involved in a group called the 'Inner Powers' and what they do is research people who seem to possess mutant like powers but I think its all bullhocky. I mean come on, mutant powers? That's just in fairy tales that people like telling and I want nothing to do with it but I'm starting to think its out of my hands now since they are taking me to the 'lab' as I call it.
Whoops here comes my mom, I think she's bringing one of her gadgets to use on me while asleep to see if she is right, I'll write some more later!

July 5, 2012


Well good morning, I know your probably wondering why I wrote Crikey under the date and I'll tell you why, my mom's machine worked well I think so and if it did then I have been wrong all along about my parents theory and they have been right.
The machine was on all day and when I woke up it was reading 'telepath' and 'psychic'.
If this is right I will be thrilled but I just don't want to embarras myself in class so I hope my mother finds someone who can train me to use my powers IF the machine is right.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.

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